Find Out Why $245 Billion a Year Diabetes Industry Hates This

A Review of the Diabetes Miracle Cure

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I hope the previous article has had you on your toes and eager for more information, because I have been reviewing the previously mentioned guide to curing diabetes.
This guide, known as the Diabetes Miracle Cure Guide, is an extensive guide to curing diabetes the natural way and is written by Paul Carlyle, a diabetic himself, and Dr. Robert Evans. It utilizes methods ignored by traditional medicine as they are more cost effective and will help cure your diabetes as opposed to simply managing it.
These methods are rejected by the $245 Billion a year Diabetes Industry who are scrambling to try and suppress this.
As you can imagine, treating a patient once will earn the medical community far less than treating a patient for his entire life.
The average diabetes sufferer spends around $85000 in their lifetime after all! And this cure is effective for type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes and if you’re prediabetic.

So how will this guide help you cure your diabetes?

Diabetes-Miracle-Cure-ReviewThe amazing fact is that, using his diabetes miracle cure guide, Paul Carlyle saw his blood sugar drop from 310 to 190 in just one week. For those of you that know a bit about diabetes, you’ll realise that’s huge!

The whole guide is about utilizing and increasing the body’s natural defense mechanisms to cure your diabetes. In fact, I mentioned reading about brown fat and its relationship to diabetes in a previous post. Brown fat is huge in this guide. They even reveal an odd tip very early on for increasing brown fat levels in the body, which is something as simple as taking a cold shower!

The great thing about the guide is that it’s really simple. It’s split into three step by step guides for your convenience and each one is very concise and brought down to a straightforward method. The techniques used to cure your diabetes aren’t especially complex, it’s just a matter of knowing the techniques and foods to use for it! In fact there’s no starving or depriving yourself of food involved at all! Something I was certainly glad to hear!
Even if you aren’t set or convinced about the methods, I’d still highly recommend picking it up, as it also includes testing and facts about some common medicinal diabetes drugs that are in fact very bad for your health! Some can even increase the risk of cardiovascular (heart) related accidents.

Be sure, therefore, to find out more about this guide, you can read more here.

There’s even a 100% money-back guarantee, so you don’t have to take any personal risks if you buy the product.diabetes cure satisfaction guarantee
There are even over 29000 people that have already used the guide successfully and there’s tons of research and positive reviews online for anyone that wants to do their own homework.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more information regarding diabetes material!

A Diabetes Reversal Guide

Hey all,

I think I might be onto something here..
I discovered a so called guide to curing diabetes online, created by a diabetic sufferer alongside an Ivy League doctor.
Check it out for yourselves here, but I’m still reading through and will give you guys a summary of what it’s all about in my next post.

From what I can tell, this is an all natural cure to diabetes which focuses on using so called ‘brown fat’, something which has long been associated with curing diabetes and healthier living in general. The real truly interesting thing is that it claims this guide claims that not only will using this brown fat help cure your diabetes, it will also help you lose weight!

Almost sounds too good to believe doesn’t it?
In any case visit this guys page to see for yourself and stay tuned for more information soon!

How do I Know if I Have Diabetes?

What are the most common symptoms of diabetes?

Hey there everyone!

I’ve been browsing around and the one question I see asked consistently is: “how do I know if I have diabetes?”
It’s great helping people who already have the condition, but think of all the people out there who have diabetes but just don’t realise! The longer they wait before seeking help, the worse the condition could become for them. Especially if the symptoms are brushed off as irritations or one time things. The question I want to answer therefore, is:

What are the signs that you might have diabetes?

I discovered the answers are not what you would expect! In fact many of them are experienced by all sorts of people, whether they have diabetes or not! Look for them in groups therefore (as in of you have two or more of the symptoms). Watch out for:

Unexplained weight loss
Although possibly desirable, if you suddenly lose a lot of weight with no conscious effort on your part, find out why it happened because it could be a sign of diabetes!

Increased thirst
If you can’t stop drinking, it may be a warning sign!

More frequent need to pee
If you’re visiting the bathroom three times as often as you normally do, get it checked.. It could indicate some manner of inefficiency no matter what the reason! This is especially true if it’s happening more at night so go ask your doctor.

Increased fatigue/ less energy is often a sign of a inefficiency in the body, which diabetes is a prime cause of.

Blurred vision
Speaks for itself and is an easy symptom to notice. If this is happening you should have it checked by someone, whatever the case.

Slow healing rate
In terms of cuts or bruises. If it takes too long to heal up, have it checked out because it could indicate some kind of blood abnormality.

Episodes of thrush/genital itching
Relatively self explanatory again, something to look out for in combination with other symptoms.

I hope these symptoms of diabetes help as a bit of a starting guide to identifying and clarifying diabetes symptoms to everyone reading this! Remember that diabetes, especially Type 1 diabetes, can be a very serious condition, so don’t take it lightly if you’re reading this and think ‘well damn, that applies to me!’. It can never hurt to have yourself checked out! It’s better than leaving it and doing more damage to yourself in the long run.

Keep your eyes on this site, i’m already looking into some of the diabetes cure articles and guide online.
More information is on its way!


Is There a Natural Cure for Diabetes?

Can Diabetes be Cured Without the use of Drugs?


Hello wonderful pdrugfree diabetes cureeople!

I decided to create this blog in response to a wide ranging question, that being: is there such a thing as a coping system or natural cure for diabetes?

Diabetes is something that is becoming more and more common in our society, touching the lives of over 347 million people already! Almost everyone knows someone who has it or has a relative/friend who has it, and because of this I want to find out if there are any exceptional natural methods being used to combat or cope with their diabetes, be it a recipe guide for diabetes friendly food or a so called ‘cure’ for diabetes.

After all, wouldn’t a natural solution be much healthier than all the pills being used simply to regulate the condition?

In any case, please stay with me as I explore the internet for the best tips, and I’m sure you won’t be dissapointed!